An EMT since 1983, Mr. Philips has spent most of his career in the EMS and emergency vehicle industries. He is well known for engaging broadly with ambulance design, construction, sales, and fleet management across public safety and health care segments.
Mr. Philips has previously served in advancing leadership roles for the USA’s largest ambulance and fire truck manufacturers and emergency medical system providers. His work on their behalf has included supplying emergency vehicles and/or crews to television and motion picture productions, giving him on-set exposure to the unique logistics of that industry.
Recently, he served as VP – Fleet Resources for American Medical Rescue (AMR) managing all aspects of fleet design, procurement, manufacturing, and maintenance for their 7,500+ vehicles deployed nationwide. He also held several domestic and international sales management positions with Wheeled Coach (now NYSE: REVG) and with Pierce, Medtec, and Oshkosh (NYSE: OSK). Early in his career Philips was Chief of EMS in the NYC suburb of Harrison, New York, and served as VP of the Westchester County (NY) EMS Council. He also served as a Disaster Action Team Captain with the American Red Cross. Philips holds a BA in Urban & Public Affairs from Rollins College.