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Ray Claridge

Founder and CEO

Ray Claridge started working at a young age to help support his family. At age 19 he was already managing a service station and had learned basic auto mechanics which reflected his passion for automobiles. Soon with a little borrowed money, he became the youngest Exxon gas station dealer-owner in the country. This led to another garage and soon he was repairing and doing bodywork on movie cars from entertainment companies with the names the likes of Aaron Spelling, Quinn Martin, and Jack Webb productions.
The decision to focus on cars in the entertainment industry turned out to be a wise one and led to forming his next company, Cinema Vehicle Services. Cinema expanded into a full-service business that did all aspects of custom movie car work and rentals, Ray literally created a segment that had not existed in the entertainment business. In the end, Cinema would become the largest movie car business in the world. When Ray sold CVS is 2015 the company had grown to a 7.5-acre facility, a 42,000 sq. ft. full-service shop, and a fleet of 1100 rental vehicles for the television and movie industries.
During this time Ray also built Golden West Trailer Sales, a successful trailer sales company for both the entertainment industry and the retail public. He started a West Coast NASCAR racing team to promote his trailer store and other businesses called Golden West Motor Sports which of course was also a great success and a personal favorite of his. Ray still owns Golden West Trailer Sales.
In the 2000s Ray purchased a small auction company on 1.25 acres in Torrance specializing in disposing of municipal properties including cars and heavy equipment. He grew this company from a four men operation into a sixty employee juggernaut on 14 acres in Riverside California. He also recently sold the auction company to a large corporate conglomerate and at the time of sale, it was the largest auction company in this category on the west coast and possibly the nation.
Ray recently created a new company, Back In The Day Classics in the City of Orange. This company specializes in the sale of collector cars and automotive-related memorabilia including a vast neon sign collection. Memorabilia and neon being one of Ray’s passions.
Mr. Claridge’s unique ability to identify business and consumer needs and create successful companies to answer those needs speaks to his next endeavor. Wellness Systems Inc. provides exclusive physical products and service applications for an unprecedented time and beyond.

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Josh Hancock

VP Marketing + Sales

Josh Hancock is an automotive creative and marketing expert with over 20 years of industry experience serving as a consultant for motion pictures and television. Known for his deep understanding of how cars permeate American pop culture, Hancock began his career working in Hollywood collaborating with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Andrew Niccol, Mike Myers, and Steven Soderbergh.
Hancock held the coveted position of in-house automotive consultant at New Line Cinema for eight years, overseeing more than 70 films. He has consulted with auto industry giants such as Johnson Controls, Bentley, Audi, Nissan, Ford, Aston Martin, Volvo, Mazda, Jaguar, and Land Rover. Hancock has overseen the construction of several high profile and unique vehicles for not only entertainment but other industries as well.
Hancock has been a powerhouse in marketing vehicles in film and television and for the automotive industry in general. He holds a degree in automotive marketing from Northwood University. Hancock became co-host of the nationally syndicated CAR AND DRIVER Radio show for seven years, lending his expert vehicle advice, Hollywood anecdotes, and relatable humor to the airwaves. He is currently a correspondent for The Drive with Alan Taylor on the Entertainment Radio Network.
He continues to consult with major auto manufacturers on their integrations in film and television and advises automotive and specialty vehicle manufacturers on their sales and marketing.
Hancock has been featured as a entertainment automotive expert on FOX, CBS, NBC, CNN, Inside Edition, and on syndicated specials for ITV (on Reuters-TV and AP). He’s also been a guest on LA’s KPFK’s The Car Show.

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James Philips

VP Business Developement

An EMT since 1983, Mr. Philips has spent most of his career in the EMS and emergency vehicle industries. He is well known for engaging broadly with ambulance design, construction, sales, and fleet management across public safety and health care segments.
Mr. Philips has previously served in advancing leadership roles for the USA’s largest ambulance and fire truck manufacturers and emergency medical system providers. His work on their behalf has included supplying emergency vehicles and/or crews to television and motion picture productions, giving him on-set exposure to the unique logistics of that industry.
Recently, he served as VP – Fleet Resources for American Medical Rescue (AMR) managing all aspects of fleet design, procurement, manufacturing, and maintenance for their 7,500+ vehicles deployed nationwide. He also held several domestic and international sales management positions with Wheeled Coach (now NYSE: REVG) and with Pierce, Medtec, and Oshkosh (NYSE: OSK). Early in his career Philips was Chief of EMS in the NYC suburb of Harrison, New York, and served as VP of the Westchester County (NY) EMS Council. He also served as a Disaster Action Team Captain with the American Red Cross. Philips holds a BA in Urban & Public Affairs from Rollins College.

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Gian Starita

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Gian Starita has joined Wellness Systems, Inc. as its’ interim Chief Financial Officer. Gian provides a strong financial background from over 20 years of advising commercial real estate clients. This work includes typical broker activities such as sales and leasing, but also expanded activities such as valuation, financing, and structuring debt and equity. Additionally, Gian has experience in preparing clients for a future sale, as well as the actual sale of the business. Gian brings a strong background in general problem solving, with a reputation for honesty and directness. Gian worked for several years advising Investment Bank clients in valuing the real estate portfolio of acquisition targets, with a focus on strategies for capitalizing the hidden value of the real estate component of acquisition targets. His achievements have been recognized by NAI Hunneman who presented him with a Rising Star Award in 2001. At Lincoln Property Company he was presented a Broker of the Year Award in 2007; Deal of the Year in 2007 and 2008, plus he has received a CoStar Power Broker Award numerous times. Prior to joining Wellness Systems, Gian was an Executive Vice President in the NAI Capital Headquarters Los Angeles office. Gian has 21 years of experience in commercial real estate, 11 of those years were spent working in the Boston market. Gian has used his finance background and problem solving skills to advise clients with complex real estate and business issues. The practical solutions that he has assisted his clients to achieve include: obtaining municipal incentives, securing unique financing commitments, negotiating equity participation, as well as other value-adds as part of his service delivery. His experience in capital markets coupled with his finance background allow him to analyze a situation from all sides of a negotiation, resulting in superior results.

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