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Charlie Station and AeroClaveTM products are the key first offerings – true solutions — to help the entertainment industry return to work safely.

Charlie Station

Charlie Station is the new base camp for all on-set health and safety staff and initiatives. You can move it with the production from stage to location shoots and back again. It has an on-board battery system or can be plugged in. It’s got USB and 125 V power for monitors charging tablets, phones, etc.

The Charlie Station is available for rent throughout your production timeline. It arrives with the right PPE and supplies for your specific cast and crew needs.

This comprehensive PPE package and distribution system ensures compliance and minimizes risk. Our established PPE supply chains ensure competitive pricing.

The AeroClave™ RDS 6110

The AeroClave™ RDS 6110 is perfect to decontaminate large spaces, such as gyms, locker rooms,make up rooms, studios, and other facilities. 

The RDS 6110 can be operated in either a fogging or hand-applied method. Use the AeroClave™ Portable Applicator (APA) to spot clean equipment and gear by hand or mount on a tripod to create a remote head for additional fogging capabilities. 

The environmentally friendly disinfectant solution produces no harmful by-products for the environment, contains no VOC’s and is 100% biodegradable.

The AeroClave™ RDS 3110

The RDS 3110 uses the proprietary AeroClave™ Process to disinfect rooms, vehicles, and equipment with an EPA-approved, hospital- grade disinfectant at the push of a button.The RDS 3110 is a rugged, lightweight and man-portable decontamination system that can effectively treat spaces up to 5,000 cubic feet.

 The 3110 is simple to use and requires minimal operator training. It is fully self-contained and can be set up and operating in minutes. The small form-factor allows it to be neatly tucked away until needed.

Reserve your Charlie Station and AeroClave™ Equipment now. Return to action safely.