Real world safety solutions for Hollywood Production in the COVID-19 era, and beyond.

Get Protected.
Re-Supply of PPE

Mitigate Risks. Manage Precautions.

For COVID-19 safety, the first stop is now Charlie Station – with full check-in compliance, PPE distribution, hygiene support.

Say hello to Charlie Station, the one-stop mobile checkpoint to manage cast and crew arrival screenings, PPE distribution, test monitoring, and hygiene resources.


Meeting the protection challenges for COVID-19, Charlie Station was developed and designed Production and Health Care Professionals.


Health And Safety Checkpoint

First stop: The bright red Charlie Station is the constant go-to point for incoming cast and crew.


Fully Stocked with Top Grade PPE

Charlie Station comes fully stocked with personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to establish and maintain a new cordon and culture of workplace safety.


Construction And Features

Built with a rugged studio grade frame and transport-friendly exterior, the Charlie Station deploys on stage or on location.

"Checkpoint Charlie" - Protects Cast, Crew, and Set

This is the toolbox and infection control command post specifically designed for your on-set Health & Safety team. It’s the resource and protective gateway that moves with the production and carries the specific PPE inventory tailored for each production.

On Stage or On Location

The bright red Charlie Station adapts for indoor or outdoor function as the new base camp for on-set health and safety initiatives. Protective curtains can be set up in multiple configurations for appropriate safety, comfort, and weather conditions.

  • Charlie Station is tech friendly for chargers, monitors, tablets 
  • Powered up: Onboard batteries and shoreline power support chargers, LED lighting,  125V and USB outlets, and the articulating locking door

Charlie Station is the hub for production health and safety.


Appropriate PPE items and their par levels are established for each production, and that PPE is re-stocked by local Charlie team members or quick-shipped to distant locations. 


  • Admittance Verification
  • Temperature Checks 
  • PPE Kit Distribution
  • Walk-Up Hand Sanitizer
  • Health Testing Compliance 
  • Zone System Monitoring
  • Hygiene Support
  • Top grade PPE, continuously refilled.

Rent one or more Charlie Stations to quickly and consistently protect your cast and crew.

Decontaminate and Disinfect with AeroClaveTM Disinfecting Systems

  • AeroClaveTM disinfecting systems are available to rent or purchase to improve on-set infection control, cleanliness
  • Ability to fog and decontaminate vehicles, wardrobe, props, sets, restrooms
  • Hand spray wand allows point specific decontamination and disinfection of high-contact surfaces
  • Proven EPA approved system with 10 years of use in public safety, health care, aviation